3rd International Biblical Art Competition, Exhibit and Exchange


The Kindness Foundation is hosting their 3nd International Biblical Art Competition, Exhibition and Exchange. The dates for the competition are November 3 through December 8, 2017 and the theme is Biblical Art about the Christmas Season.

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The first competition was held in November 2016.

Public and private schools as well as churches, museums and other organizations are invited to register for the art contest so that students in Grades 9 through 12 at their school or church can participate. The deadline to register is November 1.

All entries must be received by the Kindness Foundation by Friday, December 8. The artwork will be judged by a panel of Judges and prizes will be awarded $150 for 1st Place, $100 for 2nd Place and $50 for 3rd place.

Dr. Olga Lutsenko and her colleagues in the Russian Department of Education chose the Bible as the basis for a moral curriculum for the schools in 1991 after the fall of Communism. In 1996, she founded the Kindness Foundation. The purpose for the organization is to raise funds for Bibles, field support and teacher training conferences for the educational system in Russia.

With the support of Hattiesburg Realtor, DeLois Smith and her husband, Lavon, a corporate office was established in Hattiesburg to oversee the organizational activities.  “We have always seen this as an incredible opportunity to help shine God’s light in what had been a very dark nation,” stated DeLois Smith. “When Dr. Olga Lutsenko and her husband, Rev. Fred Lutsenko, met Governor Bryant in 2014, he was interested to learn that support from the Hattiesburg area during the past 20 years has helped to transform Russia, often referred to as a Godless nation during the Cold War.

In 2000, Fond Dobro (The Kindness Foundation) partnered with the Russian Department of Education to present ‘Christianity 2000’ a regional conference to celebrate 2,000 years of Christianity. A Biblical art contest was added to the conference and soon became a bi-annual event with the winning pieces being sent to the Kindness Foundation’s Hattiesburg office to become a part of their ‘Art for Eternity’ collection.

This collection was the featured art exhibit during Hattiesburg’s FestivalSouth in 2016 and will exhibit at Main Street United Methodist Church during the festival this year, slated for June 1 through 17 in Hattiesburg. “The Russian art contests are the inspiration for this new competition”, Dr. Olga Lutsenko explained. “It is our goal to share inspiration between these two countries, including exhibiting selected pieces from this U.S. contest in Russia and some of the Russian pieces at participating U.S. schools and churches.”

The Kindness Foundation is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization licensed by the Mississippi Secretary of State.

For additional information about the Art Competition and download forms, please visit: www.kindnessfoundation.org, e-mail  info@kindnessfocus.org, or call 601-545-9090.